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This is a parametric derivative of richraps famous universal paste extruder.
It was complete redesigned using openSCAD.

I wanted to use 20ml instead of 10ml syringes, so an additional gear was needed to get enough torque.
The construction is quite monstrous, but it fits to standard prusa x-carriage.

I tried to make all depending on the syringe size, but this was too hard.
So the default values are for 20ml syringes.
If you want to change it to 10ml or 50lm syringes you have to change more than only the syringe radius variable.
I also added base plates, if someone wants to cast it.

The syringe extruder successfully printed frost, hazelnut-spread and marzipan.

By adding jelly midprint and pouring chocolade over the finished print one can produce printed multimaterial candy.

If you want to read more about this, visit: ifeelbeta.de


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