The world population is growing more and more but there's always just one Santa Claus….So he has to be faster…year after year……and GE has come in help providing a really speed and compact sleigh for the Santa Claus express delivery! :D
The S.C.ex Sleigh has a powerful GE turbine engine, a light and compact body with directional flaps and a big compartment for the presents, a twice halogen lighting and four ultra light carbon fiber slider!
Santa Claus will be faster than ever :D
GE in collaboration with Santa Claus to advertise the new Santa Claus's sleigh will include in every present delivered by Santa Claus a litte 3dprinted model of the sleigh.
The promo toy will have the follow sizes: (47 x 39,91 x 50) mm.
…So…Thank you GE and Santa Claus…..Merry Christmas to everybody! :D
The GE logo is property of General Electric.

Renderings done with Keyshot 4.2 and Photoshop CS5.

You can download a little brochure of it here:

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