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NerdCopter is my attempt at a 300mm fpv racing quad. The idea to keep as much of the fpv in the clean section as possible, while leaving the copter untouched. This makes it easy to swap out your fpv for different cameras, frequencies, etc. The frame is pretty stiff, and should hold up to 2300kv motors at 4s with 6 inch props. I posted this version early, because I had quite a few people waiting for it. I hope it doesn't disappoint. Top deck mods and cam mounts are coming very soon. I'll be posting more stuff at nerdcopter.com, as well as links to all of the parts in my BOM as things progress. I won't be selling these frames, but if you want to buy me a beer to keep hacking on this, go to the site for instructions.

Thanks, and enjoy.

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