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Over the past few months I have been gathering video and audio material to be used in a number of upcoming video projects for MakerBot Industries, in particular an upcoming "Meet the MakerBot Operators" profile series that is soon to launch.

While these are not physical objects per se, at Bre's request I will be sharing media back with the Thingiverse community from this work so that these sources can be used by members of the community and beyond to incorporate into the overall "franchise" of their MakerBot printing projects, videos, and music(!) — and to generally encourage the thingiverse community to make use of the bot's sound/music related properties, create derivatives, spread the word, etc..

The MakerBots I have known are playful beasts and want to do more than just make tools and clamps and support structures and dry demonstration videos — they want to create art and music and and participate in art, films, TV, music, music videos and other media mayhem. To that end, coming up in the next few months will be more experiments in sampling sounds, making tones, and arranging samples from bots as well as efforts to repurpose the MakerBot as a musical instrument for live and recorded performance.

For this first sound library, I'm focusing on the sounds of printing a pulley. I had the assistance of a location sound recordist for film (Andrew Baker) for a solid, steady, lovely boom recording. I also have a number of different types of contact mics (film and piezo) and a Marantz stereo recorder that I have used to grab these details.


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