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Please use #3dleftshark when discussing this model to raise awareness.
Update feb 13 I need your Help more than ever since these lawyers aren't backing down! please read http://politicalsculptor.blogspot.com/2015/02/katy-perrys-lawyer-is-not-backing-out.html

Update feb 11 Katy Perry's lawyer responds to #3dleftshark Political Sculptor @CJSprigman responds http://politicalsculptor.blogspot.com/2015/02/katy-perry-law-firm-responds-and-so.html #LeftShark

Update: My lawyer @CJSprigman responds to Katy Perry's lawfirm aka #leftshark lawyer. You can read the entire letter here http://politicalsculptor.blogspot.com/2015/02/politicalsculptor-retains-legal.html

Update: i strongly advice against selling these 3d prints without legal representation. Katy Perry's Lawyers haven't dropped their copyright claim.

Update: Hi thanks for your support i now have legal representation with Christopher Springman professor at New York University School of Law @CJspringman. I'm also resuming the sale of the color version of this figurine at Http://etsy.com/shop/amznfx and http://politicalsculptor.com as soon as i'm able to update this page. thank you for your support. You can still buy my remaining sculptures at http://shapeways.com/shops/amznfx

Update: hi please visit my legal fund campaign link or follow me at http://facebook.com/politicalsculptor to get updates on this case.. as of now i have retained legal council and I'm fighting this

help the artist behind #3Dleftshark fundraise a Legal Fund http://t.co/vCdkeZqsC2 #freeleftshark #politicalsculptor

Since some lawyers send a cease and desist to Shapeways.com where i was selling this little bad boy shark and i cannot longer sell this. Apparently sharks, palm trees and beach balls are all now copyrighted.. anyways i'm making this available to everyone.. now you can 3D Print your very own left shark. Just make sure you download this file ASAP since just in case its taken down

you can follow more of my work at
or follow me on twitter at

Greenberg Traurig law firm attacking attacking #leftshark artist also defending homophobes in florida http://seminoledemocrats.blogspot.com/2014/12/tallahassee-regime-defies-same-sex.html


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