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I improved the belt-clip's ergonomics by placing the belt higher.
Making the 1/4 bolt easier to reach and putting the center of gravity lower.

The H4n is a common field audio recorder.
This belt clip keeps your hands free for shooting video without having to hold the recorder
or allow you to mount the recorder on the back of your talent and have him/her/it wear a lavalier or headset while speaking on camera.
Just mount it the way you would "normally" mount an expensive radio-transmitter with an expensive power-injector for the microphone but with much lower cost and no noise/fading due to the radio link.
Use the on-camera sound to synchronize the voice to your video later and get the same effect as if you had used an expensive radio-link to capture the voice of your talent.

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License is CC-BY-NC-SA
So you may make one yourself and improve the design but not sell the design or made parts and always give attribution.

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