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This is a belt clip to use your H4n field recorder to actually record in the field.
It is based on my spider mount for the H4n but has holes to access the most common buttons on the side
(that are not needed in the spider mount because that is used together with the remote.)

I added an access-hole to the 1/4 bolt and sunk that bold a bit to not damage the belt.
The corners touched by human hands are of cause rounded.

Blog post:

Update: 2011-07-12
* placement of hole for volume-keys optimized
* easier to print if you have warping issues

Update: 2011-07-13
* tested and last changes for the 1/4" bolt used
* 3d assembly created
* managed to get 3d-assembly, 3d-body and 2 2d technical drawings into the PDF

Update: 2011-07-26
* added a mirrored version to carry the H4n on the other right hip instead of the left. (With the microphones facing forward.)

License is CC-BY-NC-SA
So you may make one yourself and improve the design but not sell the design or made parts and always give attribution.

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