With the new jewelry customizer you can create your very own, personal piece of jewelry. 3D printing makes it possible to print personalized jewelry with various precoius metals.
Whether as a special gift or just to give more expression to your personality, a unique piece of jewelry designed by you will remain somehing very special for all time.

And this is how the jewelry customizer works:
First, pick up a design. If you have found the right one, just input our name under "Name" and press the refresh button.
If you like your personalized design choose the material the piece of jewellery should be printed with. Your options are:

Then you just have to select the fitting caliber and your're ready to order!
The image below shows the translations between US ring sizes an millimeters. Jewelry Customizer

Our partner Polychemy 3D will process your order immediately and gets your personal jewelry design printed.
The delivery time is approximately 15 days. Shipping is free worldwide!
And now have fun with the jewelry customizer!