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Another way to store and feed your filament to your pet robot. :) This is meant to allow a spool-less filament coil to be set on top and spin freely! The key is to purchase filament which is properly coiled from the inside out. Then you place on this device, be sure to begin feeding from the inside end. As tension builds up, the filament will naturally uncoil. This is meant for hands and worry free printing. Uses the same principal found in NopHeads hanging basket design, except slightly more portable. :)

I should point out: the coil will not support itself once the tie wraps are cut. What i do when i get my filament is i tape the vacuum sealed bag in such a way that it conforms to the coil or toroidal shape. Then i cut a hole in the center, which will be where the filament feeds out. Then drop a desiccant of choice inside, and place in feeding accessory such as the sky hook or bDaisy design.

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