I've seen many posts and complaints as to why the RepRap printers (Mendel, Darwin, Prusa) are better than the TOM/Cupcake because of the BUILD AREA. Well that's no longer a big issue because with this hack you will get a larger build area with the use of stock cupcake accessories (and some printable things). I mainly went out of my way to do this because my high schools Dimension uPrint 3D printer makes my Cupcake look like a baby.

Files will be uploaded periodically, I mainly posted this now because I wanted to get peoples opinion about this and get some ideas as I go along to satisfy peoples wants and desires.

Main Changes to Cupcake CNC:
1. MK5 turns into a derivative of the bowden extruder used on the Ultimaker by Erik de Brujin.
2. Y and X axis steppers, belts and steel rods.
3. New type of Z-rider to maximize printing platform.

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