Update: Newer version with encoder schematics:

This panels enable you to set parameters from the firmware (e.g. max-speeds, accelerations and such, and store the settings in eeprom).
You can choose file from the sd card, and print them.
Also, you can home, monitor temperature, and do other fancy stuff.

It requires my fork of the Marlin/reprap firmware:
In the configuration, you have to enable ULTIPANEL

For true autonomous printing, you have to connect a 12V fan output to Vin pin on the Ultimaker PCB, so the arduino is powered by the 12V created from the 19V supply. Direct connection is not recommended, 12V is safer.

The design is rather bad, and a new panel is in nearly finished right now.
The large PCB are makes in unreasonable to produce.
Its a proof of concept mainly.

There are two single-sided PCBs, one carrying the LCD, the other the interactive parts.
The are videos of the whole thing in action:

Initially the menu used all available keys

Now marlin features a new menu system, that Joris helped design. Its only uses the encoder to turn, and one click button, that in the production version will an encoder-push-button.

Download Ultipanel beta: Ultimaker autonomous printing 3D Model Files

Download all files

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