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This little gadget is for the Ultimaker v1 Hot End and does these things for you:

- Is a printable solution to bowden slipping/popping problems
- Solves the filament plugging in the hot end problem
- Reduces the stress on any clamping solution (so the standard white clip is sufficient, if desired)
- Makes the whole linkage of bowden, filament, brass and PEEK more tolerant to minor problems and easier to adjust and service

The Pop-Stop forms a solid barrier that fits inside the wooden head block. A short length of tube provides a filament path from the Pop-Stop to the brass nozzle (inside the PEEK part). The Pop-Stop prevents the tube from separating from the brass, and through the four long screws, it allows some pressure adjustment so that you can be assured a good fit between tube and brass without ever getting leakage that causes the traditional tube plugging/slipping/popping problems.

The main length of Bowden (from the extruder) is then attached to the head and the Pop-Stop either by use of the standard white clamp and blue clip, or by an "Owen Clamp" (which is printable). It's possible to use e-clips or any other type of clamping solution - the good news is that most of the back-pressure force is absorbed by the Pop-Stop, so the clamp doesn't have to do very much work. Even if the clamp isn't very good and lets the tube slip a little during a long print, you won't get a plug and your print won't fail.


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