Update 2: Bigger holes by 40% for screws and countersinks

UPDATE: This is the proper design, the previous version did not have enough depth for the g;ass plate. I have also uploaded the sketchup file so you can adjust the depth of the overhang for printers without glass plates. PLEASE COMMENT, then we know if we are doing the right thing! Thank you

This set of 4 clips are for the 4 corners of the standard Printrbot LC 2 bed. My heated bed has a sheet of 2mm neoprene and some aluminium foil under it for insulation do you will have to amend the stl if you are not using this. The glass is standard 3mm window glass.

If you need them, you can make the countersunks for the screws larger. I have tried to keep the protrusion above the bed as low as possible while still being robust as my printer gets moved around a lot. I suggest you knock 10mm off your x and y bed sizes in your printing software so you dont get a head crash.

I have uploaded the original sketchup file as well as the stl. I printed them 'upright' because of problems with delaminating when flat. adjust as required

The photo of two printed clips was V1, these are V2 and have a better shape plus a tapered top edge to reduce chances of head clashes.

If your thinking why has he screwed down the bed when I have to remove my glass bed and chisel prints off it, thats because I am using the pipe cement detailed below and you just 'patch' the torn off cement after each use.. much easier....

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