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Got filament tangles? There are more precise filament holders/guides on thingiverse, but this solves the problem just as well (for me, so far.) Plus, it's easy to mount.

I use mine in conjunction with charlespax' "MakerBot Filament Spool Holder" thingiverse.com/thing:7105. This filament guide uses the same hole 2x2 M3 profile as the spool holder, so you can attach it at the end of one of your axis rods or on one of the similar unused profiles at the front of the machine.

This was my first design in Autodesk Inventor, so I hope you find it as useful as I have, starting out. In the past month I've learned a lot more about designing and printing objects, so stay tuned. My next project (nearly ready) is to replace the ABPv2 acrylic sides, and eventually fix the whole damn thing to be tensionable, etc. (you can see my first version of this in one of the attached pics)

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