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The electronics bay on the Thing O Matic is really nifty, and looking through the clear floor into it to see the blinkenlights is great. But it's hard to get everything to fit in there, and if you hack on your bot a lot, it quickly gets irritating to have to take it all apart and open it up and do your hacking and then try to fit everything back in (probably more than before, since you're hacking new stuff on it!) and well, I got sick of it.

For a while I ran with the board on my workbench next to the machine, but space is at a premium, so you have this.

This is a completely non-destructive mod; you can see in the photos I was too lazy to even take out some of the bolts from the original configuration. (Ignore the giant hole in my board; it's from an earlier experiment.) So you can try it out for as long as you're hacking on your bot, then stuff everything back in when you want it to look pretty.

This does make it a little harder to get light into your box if it's not lit from above. You might try something like this to solve it the way I did (in advance):


These parts aren't exactly what I wanted them to be, but they work, the fit is perfect, and they don't take all day to print. Any improvements are very welcome.

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