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Who could resist a name like that?

You MUST have a crossbeam for this to work correctly.

The bed gets 18 degrees C warmer (64 F) than it was without it, and that’s with just a garbage bag.

It would be useful for fume trapping and exhausting as well.

Thread the hook of the hanger through the back hole (bottom), not the front one, and you have a small box tent frame. The corners are just about at the end of the Y travel. They angle out far enough to either side that straight down is beyond the side of the machine.

This allows you to fit a thin covering onto 7.5mm plastic shirt hangers over the machine for wider temperature range operations.
If you use yours like I do mine, in a cold garage.
You can use a light plastic bag, painter’s plastic, garbage bag, beach towel, or a full bed sheet if you attach the corners further away.

These fit over the back of the cross beam blocks, and hold in place by compression.
They may need initial cleaning to get them on. The holes are 8mm wide, and you can use things other than plastic hangers.

There is a 'left' and 'right' version, but either one will fit over the other side, if turned around.
If you print one twice, print the left side one, as it around the front on the right side might not get in the way of the extruder.

One of the hanger mounts took a fair amount of cleaning to get it to fit over the cross beam mount, and I used channel lock pliers to square it up. Its on for good.

There are 'through' versions, that don't have the wall completely down one side, for extending bolts.

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