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After a while the original Techzone Huxley X carriage with a single bronze bushing started to get sticky, despite of any oil I fed it. It created some massive backlash on the X axis, so I designed this :

Used to replace the original single bronze bushing X axis carriage with 3 LM6UU linear bearings.

Includes holes for mounting a better attached hotend (with a peek block retaining the nozzle).

Parts needed :
- 1 printed X carriage (this file).
- 3 x LM6UU
- 2 x 6mm smooth rods, length 300mm (to replace non-metric original techzone X rods).

Based on PRUSA Mendel X-carriage by Josef Průša

The Openscad file, along with any dependencies needed, is in the zip archive.

*** UPDATE ***
Added ziptie holes to secure the linear bearings.

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