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After building my TOM I realized that it would be a good idea to ensure I always have by hex wrenches nearby in case things need adjusting. I also thought it would be a good idea to have spare screws and nuts around in case I ever lose one when re-adjusting things. I designed this box to clip onto the top or side of the TOM. The box is big enough to hold all of the hex wrenches that came with my TOM kit and can also fit screws and nuts or other small parts if you so desire.

The photos I attached are of a slightly different version of this box. The original version was exactly 10CM tall and was a bit too tall for my TOM to print. The last two or three layers got all out of whack due to the nozzle running into the layer. I have shrunk the box by 5mm so that should take care of the height problem. Also, I had to do a fair bit of filing to get the lid to fit inside the box opening and to get the clip to slip onto the wooden frame of the TOM. I have since altered the size of the lid and the clip so it should be easier in the future. I have not tried printing the exact version I uploaded but it should work. I have uploaded the openSCAD files so you can adjust the dimensions easily as you see fit.

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