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I designed a larger dual head 3D printer using Generation 4 electronics from MBI, I call it affectionately TOM-BOY. It took me some time but I could not sleep unitl I designed a printer that was larger, accurate and reliable. At least I think it will be? I designed it using standard DFM policies using common parts through out. The design uses all dual NEMA11 Non-Captive screw drives on each axis. The screw I selected will give .001mm acuracy and 400mm in travel. The print area is right at 270mm+ in all directions and a bit more in the z direction.
The Hot End is also customed designed with new dual gear drive, and is set up for 1.75mm material.

Other Features:
*Inverted electronics bay so you can get to all electronics
*Plastic scerw locks so acrlyc will not crack
*Fully inclosed with door access
*Feeders for filiment spools
*HBP is atached by magnets for easy access,service and leveling
*All parts used to construct each axis can be printed on a TOM
*Gen4 Interface board and display bult into design


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