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This is the filament spool we are using on our AO-100 MendelMax variant printer. The spool mount takes the place of one of the top vertex frame parts. You will also need a length of tubing to guide the plastic to the hot end. The tubing is attached to the feed tube support with a small zip tie.

The spool is meant to hold an unspooled 5lb coil of filament.

The spool mount can also be used to mount a spool of plastic using a threaded rod and spool hubs.

Source files can be found at download.lulzbot.com/AO-100/hardware/printed_parts/source/

**Update** New revision of the spool mount which now includes a break to keep the spool from over spinning. Use a M4 screw to mount the friction nub.

-Parts and files: GPLv3
-Images: CC BY SA

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