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Based on good design: thingiverse.com/thing:68329

With some personal improvements (stronger, more gaps, aspect ...)

The frame supports are designed to be secured with 3 screws M3x16 each, but you can also use zip ties or even leaving free.

- 2 x Bearing_Support
- 2 x Frame_Support

Use for mount:
- 6 x M3x16(or larger) screws with nuts (optional use zip ties instead or nothing)
- 8 x M8 nuts
- 2 x M8 nylock nuts (used as caps of horizontal threaded rods)
- 2 x 608zz Bearings
- 3 x Threaded rods about 15-20cm each


Download Spool holder for Prusa i3 with 6mm frame 3D Model Files

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