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this is an upgrade for the ultimaker to speed up your prints.

you might freak out of this idea but it helped me alot
I went from 100mm/s to 225mm/s (for simple objects)
and I went from 80mm/s to 150mm/s (for complex objects)

I spray oil in the bowden tube of my Ultimaker...... yes I do.

The Ultimaker is very fast because of the light weight on the hotend (as you know) But this comes with a down side, because at high speed the frixion in the bowden tube becomes bigger and this leads to filemant grinding.

To get the frixion away you need oil in the bowden tube but NOT on the extruder gear.

the oil did not seem to affect the print itself

-Small objects won't work at these speeds because the Ultimaker can't cool it that much yet


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