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The Sheliak Spool Holder is designed to get the filament spool moved off of your 3D printer's frame, and snug alongside the base. It's designed for easy adjustment between different spool sizes.

The Shlieak Spool Holder is our newest addition to the Sheliak component set for the PrismX. This spool holder is for the PrismX 3D Printer (http://prismx.terawattindustries.com) which works with thing:84678. It should also work with other frame designs with slight modification.

It has three (3) feet for support and is designed to attach to the machine base, as a fourth support (it's not intended for standalone use). It uses acetal bushings, and can also be used with thrust bearings or 608RS (or 608ZZ) bearings. It's adjustable by sliding the outer arm in/out depending on the width of the filament spool.

For the PrismX we we have rubber pads that attach to the bottom of the feet. Felt should work also to dampen vibration.

This is designed to mount onto the left-rear corner of a PrismX. It's designed to be compatible with any open-frame machine, really. To modify it to work with MendelMax, Prusa i3, Aluminatus, Prusa, and other machines you'll need the parametrized SCAD files, which are being published. As always we'll link to our github repo when that happens. We'll need to modify the height of the feet for those designs. The mounting plate is made for 20mm aluminum t-slot extrusion, but we can modify it to attach to rounded frame rails also.

UPDATE: The arms, dowels, and a few other things are revised after the initial prints, so we're re-printing. The base is rather large, over 260mm, to accomodate 2kg spools. It won't be printable for most, but we have ways to make it. The base could be made with a laser-cutter from acrylic or other materials. I modeled this in OpenSCAD for 1kg and 2kg spools, and the spacing required for 1kg spools still wouldn't work to get it under 200mm.


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