Rod holder challenge concept 5: the slider

The design philosophy was to make a very simple clamping system that was reliable and not complicated. Although relatively simple in design, the unit needed to still offer all functionality that is required for a fishing rod holder, strength, adjustability and portability. I’m not claiming to be the first to think of the ball socket concept but I wanted to incorporate it into a design because I love the functionality to simplicity ratio it offers, it’s perfect. Same goes for the slider style clamp, a very simple system, low maintenance and strong. I’ve also adapted the design to fit the contours of the canoe, since the canoe is not a straight profile, it’s important to have some curvature built into the clamping surface so all surfaces are fully contacting each other. I’ve designed in a slight radius into the sliding clamps so as to hug the canoes contours that much more closely.

Main Features-

- Low part count, simple to manufacture

- Strong, simple clamp design

- Simple yet very functional rod carrier using ball joint, full range of motion, low part count

- Easy clip rod holder, holds rod in place from moving forward for when those big fish bite; an issue that hasn’t really been addressed in other designs.

- Optional floatation buoy, this can be velcroed onto your unit for extra security while removing and assembling on the water.

- Designed around the curvature of the canoe, provides the most pad contact and keeps the whole unit from shifting and marking surfaces.

Budget scope: Mid level

- High initial cost for molds but very low per unit cost once molds are made. All prototypes can be cheaply tested and refined using 3D printing before committing to the IM stage.

- There is the possibility of increasing some of the wall thicknesses and designing for rotomolding which would leave air pockets within the structure providing a built in buoyancy incase of accidental dropping of the unit in water.

Materials: Injection molded recycled plastic with recycled car tires comprising the rubber padding.

Alternative names: Spiked back space monkey, the martian helmet, Tie fighter, Hip joint, Gun sight,

note: This design is very feasible in wood and metal. Some minor changes would need to be made but it could be done.
Overall dimensions are 12x12x2.5”, nice and compact.

Thanks for looking-

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