Yet another practical upgrade for the Replicator 2, this one will improve the rigidity of your build platform - and hopefully improve the surface quality of your taller prints.

Only a few days after I got my Replicator 2 I began to notice that the print quality was degrading. Then I started getting cracks appearing in prints and they started breaking apart. Simply grabbing the side of my build platform and giggling it up and down revealed what was causing the problem. The little rubber pads that are supposed to push the acrylic build plate up against the tabs that hold it in place had squashed down, making it floppy. So I cut a few pieces of paper in half and used them as a shim between the acrylic plate and the levelling platform to hold the acrylic plate more securely. Obviously this was only intended to be a temporary fix.

So I have been looking for a better solution and this is what I came up with. Its basically a felt surface saver that has been trimmed, sanded, and cut into segments to replace the squashed rubber pads. Felt is more dimensionally stable and should continue to provide a nice snug fit well into the future.

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