This is a kind of 'reverse engineered from pictures' Mantis replica rendered in OpenScad.

It's my first 'beyond basics' OpenScad project, with an attempt to be parametric about the various sizes (though as noted, the dimensions are better read as tenths of an inch), and there are x,y,z movements adjustable at the top of the file along with limits (though the nice thing is it won't break if you push it too far:) ).

I've got the right side commented out, just for visibility.

I did develop a far better feel for 'how these things work' by doing this, and though I can't say that my programming skills have been thoroughly developed, it's been fun to do, the cost of all the entertainment was precisely right :) and I've got to thank OpenScad for the past three days of frustration and fun.

I might get rid of even more egregious errors in the file later on...

Now, if I can just get back to physical objects....

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