The Replicator started out with the serious problem of failing HBP power connectors. In the process of failing and replacing the connector, the heater board is often damaged, mandating it's replacement as well. Plus, we've recently seen examples of the replacement 'red connector' also failing. As the Replicator fades into non-support by MBI there will be a need for a replacement HBP heater board that eliminates these problems.

This thing is the Replicator equivalent of what Dan Newman published for the TOM. (See ancestors.)

In addition, I recently made some extensive measurements of temperatures across the area of my stock HBP. What I basically found was that the corners and edges of the HBP were consistently 3-5 degC lower temperature than the central area of the platform.

I also discovered that one corner of by HBP is significantly cooler than the others. I'm suspecting unequal clamping force in that corner or something else that is resulting in poor contact.

This [Thing](, uses the rear center hole of this HBP in a 3-point leveling arrangement.

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