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I wanted to fix the LCD screen to my Huxley in such a way that I could remove and replace it easily. I also needed to power it from the +12V supply from the Sanguinololu board as using the +5V supply was (in my view) causing the 7805 regulator on the Sanguinololu to get too hot - remember that the RRP Huxley is powered from a 19V supply meaning that the 7805 regulator has to dissipate the heat arising from dropping 14V.
My solution to the supply problem was to use a Pololu Step-Down Voltage Regulator - D15V35F5S3. This is a switching regulator and is highly efficient.
My solution to the take off - replace requirement was to use some 10mm x 5mm x 2mm magnets which I had purchased for another project.
The case design uses the following printed parts:

LCD Case Clip.2
These are supports for the case once held in place by the magnets. These supports clip around the plastic cable tidy on the Huxley's M6 rod.

LCD Case
This is the main case body which has two pockets in the side to accommodate two magnets.

Fits snugly to the back of the case

M6 Magnet Carrier
This takes two magnets and attaches to the Huxley frame over the polythene spiral cable tidy between the two supports using M3 screws and nuts to hold it in place

Pololu Voltage Reg Carrier
This fits inside the case and connects to the +12V and GND pins on the Sanguinololu and to the +5V and GND pins of the LCD board.

Stylus Clip
This fits to the side of the case and takes a Nintendo DS type stylus - I bought a few of these on EBay. As the LCD display is of the resistive type and heavily populated with buttons and controls, I found that a stylus is more accurate than a finger!

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