Improved version of "Reinforced Prusa X Carriage with Slim LM8UU Holder" for use on a Mendel and with more sturdy LM8UU bearing holders.

These bearing holders are designed to have a mm of play as LM8UU bearings are quite precise and most printed parts are not (the distance between the rods on the X axis should be 50.0 mm).

**Version 3**

* Made belt clamps longer to properly center the belt with the bearings on the X axis
* Divided components into modules to aid debugging
* To reduce diagonal flexibility, the use of the optional mounting holes at the end of the carriage is now combined with new reinforcements
* Added belt ram for M3 screw to build
* Made LM8UU holder 1.0 mm wider to allow some deviation in bar distance during travel
* Resolved issue with coinciding surfaces of the base plate and the LM8UU holders (resulting in STL issues)
* Resolved multiple other instances of false surfaces (two surfaces touching but not detected as such)

**Version 2**

* Beefed up the carriage attachments
* Removed LM8UU holders as they kept breaking during installation or usage
* Added new holders based on half cylinders to grab the bearings
* Added holes for tie wraps
* Disabled multiple mounting holes as the tierap holes prevent you from turning the extruder anyway
* Modified LM8UU holder to be a bit longer than the bearing to have it fit while having lash
* Added notch in the top of the carriage to separate the carrage from the bed wih a screw driver

**Version 1**

* Changed orientation of belt attachement
* Made clamps slimmer as they now have to fit between carriage and bar
* Removed dual belt tensioner for a stronger more rigid single tensioner design
* Added support bar for carriage clamps to divide tension between both attachments

Based on the previous version: [thing 173142](

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