This is a modified version of the carriage by Jonas Kuehling for use on a RepRap Mendel.


* As the Mendel uses a horizontal belt path, the belt attachment has been rotated 90 degrees
* Added reinforment bars to the ends of the carriage to improve rigidity
* Added mounting holes to attach things like an opto flag, fan holder, lights etc.
* Still supports the original fan mounting (see source)

This design is much lighter compared to the original carriage and the use of LM8UU bearings makes it also much more precise.

**Known issues:**

* The cutout for the clamp in the carriage is only a single layer thick; this causes a minor cosmetic issue
* I have trouble with the LM8UU holders that were part of the design: they keep breaking off no matter what plastic or settings I use. As such I have an alternative design which uses a sturdy holder in combination with a single zip tie to hold the bearings. It can be found [here](

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