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This is a print cooler I designed for my Ecksbot. I had been using thingiverse.com/thing:58306 for quite some time which actually worked well. My biggest problem with the front-mounted print cooler is that it was constantly in my way when trying to clean the nozzle, or just when observing my printer in action. I wrote this part using OpenSCAD and I've included the .scad file as well in case you find that your particular application needs adjustments.

This cooler is designed to simply clip onto the extruder cooling shroud on the Ecksbot, however I found that it can shift and rattle during really fast/aggressive infils, so I added a loop for a cable tie to keep it secured. The same 40mm fan used on the extruder cooler is also used for this as well. Eckertech sells them for $5 apiece (I'm in their area often for local pickup), or you might find one elsewhere if you're lucky (I wasn't).

This print cooler will allow you to decrease your minimum layer time to at least 10 seconds per layer if not less than that. I included a picture of a red tree frog (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:18479) I printed it at 0.05mm layer height, 500 layers, in about 2 hours (Skeinforge default would take over 8 hours at minimum 60 seconds per layer).


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