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Inspired by barrychuck's Tall TOM ( thingiverse.com/thing:7063 ) and Zydac Cup Cake Extenders ( thingiverse.com/thing:4716 ) I decided to raise the ceiling on my TOM by 50 mm.

I sourced the longer screw stepper from Kysan directly ( store.kysanelectronics.com/servlet/-strse-69450/17HD011-dsh-200N/Detail ) and added a few micro servos to get the order up to USD 100 (minimum required there). Unfortunately the stepper was broken upon arrival (no measurable resistance between pin 3 and 6 as the 0.5 Ohm between 1 and 4). I have changed the longer leadscrew axle with the one in the TOM, so I could get this project finished and that is what you see in the pictures. I have contacted Kysan and hopefully will received a replacement or a refund. Update: Kysan has contacted me and informed that they are sending me another stepper with the 200 mm leadscrew and there is no need to send the broken one back - superb service and extremely fast response in less than 24 hours - they have a customer for life in me. LatestUpdate: Kysan shipped the new stepper by EMS so it took barely 4 days to be delivered from Beijing. Very impressive customer service!

The 3/8" rod came from McMaster-Carr ( mcmaster.com/ ) part number 88915K213 ( 36" 3/8" Easy-to-Machine Stainless Steel (Type 303)). I cut the two new rods after I had raised the top to be absolute sure of the fit given the slight variations the extenders may produce.

The extenders are designed to fit a TOM and its backside lack of space, therefore the difference between front and back. The back also have markings for self-tapping screws to hold the Z-end stop.

Additional parts :

You will also need 6 more M3 16mm screws and nuts from the original stach that came with the TOM, 2 countersunk M3 16mm ( for the back extenders connection to the back plate) and two self tapping screws to secure the Z endstop in its new place.

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