This is a power panel to be mounted at the rear of Mendel Prusa. It clips on threaded rods, and can be optionnally secured with 4 cable ties It's specifically desined for Prusa Iteration 2, since smooth rods are on top of thheaded rods, allowing to save place between the rear two threaded rods. That space is used for the power panel.

The power panel holds an IEC standard socket and a switch to switch off machine without unplugging power cord.

There's enough space to change switch or IEC socket, and add fuse holder if you want.

Can also be modified to hold anything you want on that traditionnally unused space.

On Prusa, there's space on the machine to add 3 of theses (2 front, 1 rear), allowing to fix securely other things (reset button, mini display, tool holder, ...)

Sketchup source file provided.

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