I made this as a very simple way to test sketchup, STL exporter and slic3r. It looked kind of neat on top of the Printrbot Jr so I just left it on. It functions as a makeshift handle to lift the Printerbot but use it at your own risk. I wouldn't lift it very high. I use it to lift it up enough to get my hand underneath it when transporting it.

Keep in mind that this device doesn't really serve any real purpose as the rods don't need any stabilization. Im only posting this because several people have asked me for it.

Version 2

This prints upside down, when you attach it the bot, make sure to put the side with the extra material facing down. This way, when your hand lifts the whole thing up, it puts a little more torque on the edges, where the holes are, and hopefully grabs on to the rods tighter.

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