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A newer generation Printrbot put together from some of the best upgrades available on Thingiverse, with some of my own parts thrown into the mix (e.g. Bearing Guide compatible with GT2.5 32 teeth pulleys) and my Left Side panel (used to neaten wiring using a DB25 wiring loom. The connector Plate mounted to my electronic's enclosure is included too ).

Also included (Beware W.I.P) is a box for a SD breakout, 20x4 LCD, buttons and rotary encoder - we are busy getting hostless printing with Repetier, running on Generation 7 electronics. Will upload as soon as Eagle files etc have been tested.

EDIT: 19 Oct 2012
Abondaning the first LCD Case.

Made a newer narrower,wider PCB (eagle files uploaded here now) with buttons instead of rotary encoder. The encoder doesnt work over i2c, and needs direct MCU buttons - which I can't sacrifice at the moment.

Follow the progress here forums.reprap.org/read.php?181,159132

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