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The arm and bracket are recreations of the PSU Open-X Re-design in openscad. The original re-design changed the angle from the horizontal that the arm holds the bearings from 30 to 45. I've made that a parameter that defaults to 45. If you change it, you'll want to change the height and shoulder parameters to adjust the position at which the bearing is held also.

With non-default parameters, you can generate the bracket as it was in the re-design, but it defaults to produce my changes:

1. radius of the bracket at the top is reduced so that it won't protrude above the top of the carriage.
2. the slot was replaced by a simple screw hole
3. the cylindrical extension stem beside the bearing was reduced by 1 mm.
4. the extension was also tapered so that it is not flush with the bearing.

The carriage is an edit of the Open-X Carriage mk2. With non-default parameters you can generate the mk2 or the original open-x carriage, but with defaults, you get my changes to the mk2:

1. one of the recesses for a screw head is removed because I attach an opto-endstop flag there.
2. The interior ribs and the holes for mounting a wade extruder oriented along the x axis are removed. I prefer to have the open space rather than the mounting option. I've added a thick curved inner wall to make up for the loss of the ribs. Printed at 100% infill, it is very sturdy.

An additional module is provided that renders the assembled parts along with x bars and bearings. This can be useful for visualizing the effects of your edits.

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