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> Companion piece: [Customizable solidoodle alternative snap spool holder](http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:91477) (you'll need to customize it's dimensions)

After temporarily enclosing the printer with in a tent made of two blankets propped over a side table turned on its side convinced me that it's really worth it, I decided to build an enclosure.

I really liked the idea in [this design](http://www.soliforum.com/topic/1588/my-easy-and-relativley-cheap-sd3-enclosure/), but I wanted something that can accommodate [my top-mount spool holder](http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:91477). Since I was going to have to do some modifications, I decided to make something a little fancier. The goal was to keep the cuts needed on the acrylic sheet to a minimum, while still being able to use the enclosure with the spool holder. This is the result.

At the end of a one-hour print, the temperature inside was about 40C (105F), while temperature in the room was around 26C (78F), with A/C running right behind printer (photos were taken about 20min into print, starting from cold enclosure) Works wonders for ABS prints and warping. Can be easily removed for PLA. No modifications to the printer frame are necessary.

In addition to the STLs here, you'll need some acrylic sheet (I got it from Lowes, 0.08" thick, for about $15), some 1/4" diameter craft magnets (I had some 1/4" high ones), and the STLs for the bottom hooks from the enclosure in the post above.

Update 7/13: Added experimental left and right front pieces (*-lf_exp.stl and *-rf_exp.stl) with rivet insets shaped to allow for some thermal expansion while maintaining proper registration (for sheet cut measurements). Untested, I'm using original design w/o problems (at most 1mm expansion on left, likely due to uneven cuts; hardly noticeable, but there). If you try, please leave comment.

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