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###MendelMax 2.0 Quick-Fit X-Carriage Now V2.0!
Though the MendelMax 2 is wonderful - I felt it was missing something,
Then i realised what it was; RichRaps wonderful Quick-Fit X-Carriage!

I used mine quite a bit with different nozzles for different polymers,
So I mashed this up in an evening and voila!
One Quick-Fit Extruder mount on the MM2.0 X-carriage plate...

I've thickened this up to 6mm for the needed rigidity from a printed carriage so adjust your screw usage accordingly...

**New to V2.0:
Left and Right handed versions available depending on your preference and extruder orientation.
2x 40mm fan mounts (screw holes) added to the opposite ends,
PLUS several zip-tie mounting points along the body for 20 or 30mm fans.
OSHW / Reprap logo added to the body for both style and strength.
I've resized the internal geometry and cutout to make space for the new generation of all-metal hotends, the E3D and Prusa V2 should now fit nicely without needing to customise the extruder block or print spacer plates**

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