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Since I'm printing with PLA, cooling the part while printing is very important. I hadn't been happy with the cooling on my MendelMax 2.0, so I set out to find the best solution, starting with the front-mounted fan suggested by Makers Tool Works. The front-mounted fan worked OK.

At a suggestion of a friend, I next tried OhmEye's fan duct. This did a good job cooling the part right near the print head. It didn't, help as much when printing larger parts.

Next I tried two fans mounted on the sides, facing the nozzle. This was the least successful solution, as it didn't provide enough air near the nozzle.

Finally, I found OhmEye's new fan mounts, shown here: ohmeye.com/2013/new-mendelmax2-fan-mounts/. I didn't like his actual mounts, so I designed a new set.

And the set shown here works really well, better than any of the other approaches I tried.


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