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I love the Mendel90 printer and design. But there was one thing that disturbed me a bit, that the electronics wasn't covered. It ruins the looks of the printer a bit.

So, I designed this cover to put on it. It's splitted in two parts because otherwise 20x20x20cm printers (like the Mendel90) could not print it.

The only problem about this is that you can't reach the SD-card with the cover on. Currently I remove the cover when I need to get to the SD-card, but I'm working on a way to fix that too, waiting for parts from Ebay. I'll upload the changed designs and a description for that when I'm done.

The bottom part of this is no problems at all to print. The only hard part is in the top-section with the rounded corners. I didn't get that to print perfect, but good enough. Maybe someone has ideas to get around that problem in a nice way!

Otherwise, I printed it in Black PLA on my Mendel90 printer, 0,3mm layer height, worked out nicely.

Edited: Realized that I've uploaded the wrong top-part file, it was turned upside down from what's reasonable to print. Now it's the correct file!

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