This kit is hard to make! It's SMD soldering and it's freaking hardcore. We're selling them at just a little bit more than cost because this is for alpha users!

We're going to go into production on these and they will come mostly assembled. We are just selling these as alpha kits.

There is no guarantee or warranty at all. Bre has made four of them and three of them required a lot of fussing with the soldering until he got rid of all the solder bridges.


* Atmega328 chip with Arduino bootloader on it.
* 6 pin header for bootloading. Also includes access to 4 I/O pins and power and ground
* 6 pin header for programming.
* 4 pin extension header for plugging in other things like sensors or shields that extend the watch.
* 16mhz crystal.
* Piezo buzzer
* 3 pushbutton switches

It has 12 LEDs to mark the hour and 12 LEDs to mark the 5 minute marks plus an extra 4 LEDs to mark the 4 extra minutes that aren't shown. So if it was 12:04 the hour LED in the 12 position would be lit up and the Minute LED in the 12 position would be lit up and the 4 extra minutes would be lit up to show that it's 12:04.

Besides having it work on a watch, there are a number of other possibilities because it's an arduino environment on your wrist!

You will need a TTL Cable and USBTiny programmer to program this kit. (Available here in the MakerBot store.

Documentation is available in the wiki at

We ordered a bunch of prototype boards and I've made them into 18 kits and put made them really cheap to just get them out there in the world and get friends playing with them. This is for alpha users because it is realllllly hard! I have soldered up 4 of them and 3 of them had major solder bridges that made me swear a lot. Be prepared for a serious smd challenge!

Here's the google group for it: If you get one, you really really really need to join!
Here's the wiki documentation:
Here's the link to the store where you can get it:

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