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Rosettes for M3 nuts that make spring-loaded leveling easier. A lot easier. I even reach in and give them a quick tweak while the first layer is printing.

I made these a few months ago and forgot to post them. Aside from the rosettes, my leveling method is darn close to haqnmaq's recent Thing: thingiverse.com/thing:6558

The rosettes are useful anywhere, of course, but I made them specifically for leveling the build platform on my cupcake.

The gist:

• Three screws instead of four (with four screws one nut always seems to end up loose)

• Conical springs (I kept bottoming out on one side. Conical springs can collapse almost flat) and M3 thin nuts to keep the platform from getting too tall.

• Flathead screws to avoid collisions with the extruder nozzle.

I ordered my conical springs from McMaster. They're very nice, just the right size, and strong....but $14.73!? For three springs?!?! Later I realized that I was surrounded by conical compression springs: anything that takes AA batteries will have a double set of them just the right size, so raid your junk drawer.

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