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Unless you want the Greg's Style holders please go to thingiverse.com/thing:19950
everything has been updated and is working. I have deleted all the STL' s from this thing except for the Greg's style holders.

Yet another LM8UU Linear Bearing Holder, this time for the Orca 0.3 Y, and Z Axis.

It should work on the X axis as well but I have not included a belt clamp. There already seems to be some good x axis carriages out there.

This is quite a comprehensive set of parts

Y axis Greg's type to hold one or two lm8uu's if you like this kind of snap in bearing holder

Y axis slot in lm8uu holders that capture the bearing against the aluminium plate of the squashed frog, this hopefully means that there should be no extra tolerances introduced due to the plastic parts. Both types are available with a single or double set of holders so you can use three lm8uu in total.

v1 is a simple square type
v2 is a little more optimised and should use less plastic, but will either require to be printed with an over hang (this should work) or support material.

The Z axis bearing holder is follows the same logic of trapping the bearing against the aluminium side frame. There are 3 versions, version 1 can also be used on the Y axis if you want to use a screw either side of the bearing instead of 2 to the side. You could use 2 v1 or v2 on the z axis, v3 allows you to use a single linear bearing or bush captured by both sets of mounting holes.

The Z axis holder will through the spacing of the captive nut out so I have included a new back portion of the holder that should take up the the extra distance

You may override the lm8uu dimensions in the SCAD file to use the bushings or linear bearings of your choice. The SCAD file is pretty parametric but I have no tested it with many configurations.

For my set up I will use

1 x y_axis_v1 and 1 x z_axis_v1 for the Y frog and 2 x z_axis_v3 (modified for a 14mm x 37mm sintered bush)

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