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The stock Ultimaker is a great 3d printer which uses PLA by default as the print material. I like it, but I like ABS much more. Without a heated bed it's nearly impossible to get good printing results when using ABS - a heat bed is a must. To get even better results with ABS it's a good idea to enclose the entire build area to get higher and stabilized temperatures. A heat chamber is not nessasry, but when you want to go *big* with your models then it truly helps getting good print results with ABS.

My Ultimaker now features:

- heated + illuminated build platform
- heated + illuminated build chamber
- permanent print plate for ABS and PLA
- direct drive system
- active cooled stepper motors
- dual-fan setups for hot-end, UM pcb, and second psu
- modified H3 extruder
- capability to load big 2.2 kg spools
- hardware switches for hot-end, heat bed, cooling and light
- UltiController
- slightly improved build room (over 200 cm³ more build space)
and more...

This project is finished, but I still see some room for improvements, e. g. a dualstrusion setup. Maybe also some PAINT for the wood panels. :-) Also some minor improvements I'll install in the next few weeks.

Almost all of the white parts you see in the pictures are printed in ABS. Some of them are already uploaded to my things collection. The rest will follow soon (also the stickers on the front and right side).

If you have feedback for this 'thing' please don't hesitate to comment or write a message to me. Thanks.


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