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So upon deciding that I'd rather have the fume fan sucking air from the top and bottom of my printer rather than the center where it could cause unwanted cooling, I created this to do it and cover both areas.

The middle section simply screws on over the fan and has a hole in the side to allow the power wires to come out. Cut a piece of garden hose to the desired length and stick it on the tube.

Position the grill attachment to the other end of the garden hose to spread out the suction distance. On the bottom of the attachment there's a peg with a small hole to allow tying the attachment back in case it gets in the way of the carriage (as mine did). I used a twist-tie to do this and removed the plastic covering the wire to make it fit.

You'll notice that the main section has supports I've placed under the overhangs... a twist with some pliers and they come right off.

Unfortunately, the spare fan that I used only moves 6 cfm which isn't much when you're splitting the suction up and doesn't do as well as I'd like it to...

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