These objects aren't so much meant to be printed as they are meant to be used to aid in the design of objects for use with them.

This pack contains:
AA Battery
AAA Battery
US Quarter, Nickel, Penny, and Dime
Altoids Tin (and Altoid)
Standard CD/DVD
Stack of 4 business cards (scale in z to taste!)

I'm going to produce a few of these now that I've got a pair of metric calipers to go around probing my world. There should be an electronics pack on the way with standard servo motors, LEDs, Arduino, etc soon. THAT will be super-useful for designing printable robots!

The wiimote is a bit incomplete, but one of the nice things about extrinsic shapes is that since we don't mean to actually print them, we can get away with things like grouping buttons onto the Wiimote rather than using geometric union operations. One of these days I may get around to a nice, super-accurate wiimote and nunchuck model. Unless of course companies start publishing .obj files for their products...

(Not holding my breath of course!)

Philosophical note: This submission feels kind of ironic. I mean, I'm creating a library of the standardized shapes that have been created by the "standardize and mass-produce" methodology, specifically so people can totally subvert it...

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