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This is a replacement for the Emaker Huxley extruder drive. It incorporates two marker holders, shorter filament overhang internally, and clearance for a larger bowden tube fitting, and fits both the stock stepper motor and a NEMA 17 motor. The bearing clamp fixes the problem with the original where the bearing outer race didn't clear the clamp body and eliminates the cross bar at the hinge end that gets in the way.

On the subject of alternate Bowden fittings, you might look at these two, as they are easy to get:
mcmaster.com/#5225K503 fitting
mcmaster.com/#5733K52 Tubing

The tubing is a little heavier and the fittings are a little larger OD than the original Huxley fittings, so the hot end will need to be spaced out a bit more from the X carriage to clear the fitting. You can use a nut plate to hold the other one in.

The real Cammozi fitting is 6512 3-M5; the link is below. They cost a couple of dollars each and you may run into a minimum order issue; I just bought 10 and didn't make the minimum to get them sent from the warehouse. My distributor needed some stuff too, so they completed the minimum.

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