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This is for the E3D all-metal hot end from e3d-online.com, specifically the Bowden version. (Totally worth the extra money!) You may want to "watch" this piece as it's improved from time to time.

**10/31/13:** Made the cable management tang a little longer, braced up the clip with the tang, rotated the geometry in the .stl files to be print-ready, and added an "All-In-One" .stl so that you can print everything in one pass. I recommend 30mm/sec or a part cooling fan to make sure the top-mount spacer comes out nice.

**10/6/13: Even better cable management, taller top-mount spacer:** The upper mounting plate w/ cable management has been improved to provide **built-in strain relief.** Instead of one side clip, there are now two, and one of them has a tang in the middle. The idea is that you feed the cables up through the one with the tang, then back down around the tang, then around to the other clip and finally up again. Should be clear in the photo. (I got the idea from how the Budaschnozzle does strain relief.) The spacer is also a couple of millimeters taller to improve airflow over the bottom cooling fin. I recommend 3" or longer #6-32 screws.

**9/2/13:** Added printable spacer. The 1.5" spacers I recommended previously aren't tall enough to expose the bottom heat sink fin to the airflow from the fan duct. If you've had any PLA jams on long prints, this should fix it. If you prefer metal spacers, get something 41-45mm long. Your existing screws will work (just barely) but I recommend 2.75" or more.

**8/26/13:** New version of top plate added with some sorely needed cable management!

**8/23/13:** Reduced the clearance from .25 to .15. Should print better without having to mess with the filament settings.

I got the general idea of how to do a groovemount from tricklaser.com/ and the two-plate idea from h3ss. The model was done from scratch in Sketchup.

**NOTE:** Make sure you have your fan turned on all the time. Hot wire it if you can. If you have the extruder heat turned on but the fan is turned off, the mounting plates may warp.

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