A PLA cooling fan duct for a Bukobot with a Bukoschnozzle hot end and initial X-carriage version (with plastic printed linear bearing holders rather than the new all metal design). It should work with either a Vanilla/Green or Duo and with either version of the Bukoschnozzle wooden hot-end insulator design.

One of my design goals for this fan was that it had to be unobtrusive and so it mounts up underneath the X carriage between the two steel rods. This does mean that the top of the fan intake is partially obstructed by the rear linear bearing but that seemed a small price to pay.

###Things I changed from the original design by Ahasuerus:
- increase size so that it fits 50mm fan instead of 40mm
- increase size of the center space to allow for the larger Bukoschnozzle heater block (ID now 33mm)
- cut out an area on the topside to allow the duct to clear the x-carriage linear bearing holders
- slightly increase relative aperture of fan outlet by ~20% (to increase air flow)
- rake inwards the outside annulus edge to increase visibility of printed parts underneath
- add a mounting arm to allow fan duct to be attached to the x-carriage using a cable tie
- removed indentation on one side of air funnel from original model

I have uploaded a second (larger) version of the fan duct which has a internal diameter which is 4mm larger (37mm). This gives more clearance between the hot end and the duct or allows you to position the nozzle closer to the center.

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