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** **UPDATE** **
**26 APR 2013**

Finally finished a useable full-size prototype of this design...
First thought: "Ohh crap the hub is backwards..."

Problem solved!

Second Thought: "Hmm... It makes the filament bundle into a triangle..."

Give it 4 arms instead of 3!

Third Thought: Cookies for everyone!

I added those 2 STLs (tri and now QUAD hubs corrections/additions) and will post a video/tutorial when I get my next bit of good PLA in... I am not happy with the BLUE that I currently have to work with, it is very finicky and difficult.

Have a glorious and victorious day.

**20 APR 2013**
It's safe to say this is a useable, viable, and durable doo-hicky!
I got a chance to sit at my printer again and tweak my calibration as I was preparing to use a different brand and color of PLA to print this design. I bought plastic that actually came on a spool so I could print... a SPOOL! Indeed... Well the bad news is, I need a better bed than this painters tape shenanigans. The good news is- it didn't matter at all that the print warped a bit, everything works perfectly!

I posted a video to explain everything better.

Changes to come soon, as well as a "build tutorial" when I actually print an entire spool haha. Enjoy!

**18 APR 2013**
**I have increased the size of the "peg holes" to 2.20mm
I realigned them as well to make things more efficient.
Also implemented my "filament end" clip-in spot on the hands.
Last, but not least; I made 2 hands, one short and one long, I realized that the smallest form of this still did not fit my LayWood roll, which was its intended purpose in the first place - it should now! Be sure to print one of everything to see how it all works out for you! Message me if any changes should be implemented...


This has been designed to be locked into 4+ different positions, using anything 1.65-1.80 mm... (By the by, I use something 1.75mm all the time!) I imagine zipties, or twist ties, or anything of the like will work

I am in the process of printing the first Arm/Hand pair right now!
I finished (mostly) the first set of Arms, Ends, and Support Pieces...
It looks like everything works rather nicely, except the part that matters... the spot for the "filament pegs" was a little too 'blobbed' and i don't have anything to clear it out. Will readjust the design and reprint probably tomorrow. If you have got a small enough drill bit to clear those holes out, by all means Print Away! Let me know what alterations are going to be needed... I can think of a couple right now, but I want to see it in use first!


This is a Derivative of the "Minimized" Heavy Duty Filament Spool (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:69602)

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